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Aromatherapy Associates Facial Treatments

Prescriptive Facial - 55 minutes | £58.00

The Prescriptive Facial enables your therapist to closely examine your skin and treat all conditions whether congested, dry or in need of anti-ageing.

Designed to leave the complexion smooth and luminous, the Prescriptive Facial takes a new approach in facial care. Not only does it use essential oils to improve the skins condition but also utilises Eastern and Western massage techniques to refresh the skin, improving circulation, lymph flow and skin oxygenation whilst easing a stressed mind and relaxing the face, neck and shoulder muscles.

Rose Renew Facial - 55 minutes | £58.00

This luxurious facial treatment harnesses the regenerative properties of the rose to nourish, soften and hydrate all skin types especially dry, delicate and finely textured complexions. This treatment boosts circulation, promotes cell renewal and regeneration and leaves the skin radiant, dewy and beautifully scented.

Rose Anti-Age Facial - 80 minutes | £82.00

Harvested from trees on the dry Somalian savannah, frankincense has long been prized for its incredible anti-ageing skincare properties. Combined with rose oil the skin is treated deeply to encourage cell renewal and prevent lines and wrinkles. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated prior to a firming facial massage followed by two separate masks, mud to re-mineralise and rose gel to hydrate. Finally the arms, hands and scalp are treated to a soothing, relaxing massage.

Deep Cleansing Facial - 55 minutes | £58.00

The Deep Cleansing Facial uses the traditional methods of an optional steam and extraction to stimulate and cleanse the skin whilst softening blocked pores. The therapist will then gently remove comedones and blockages prior to applying an intensive mud mask to reveal a clearer, smooth complexion. Great for a male skin type also.

Purifying Facial (For those under 18) - 45 minutes | £40.00

An express facial for clients who are under the age of 18. This facial is particularly great for those who are concerned about spots, blackheads, oily skin and blemishes. We can assess the skin, give professional advice on the most effective products to use and recommend a daily routine on how best to look after your skin.

Jean D’eStrées Facial treatments

Synergessence Facial - 75 minutes | £77.00

The creation of “Synergessence" revolutionised practices in the beauty industry and remains the No.1 treatment in the range today.It is a made to measure, bespoke facial that is suitable for all skin types:
- oily / combination
– dehydrated
- sensitive
- dry
- anti-aging

It is uniquely based on highly concentrated solutions combined with a double layer mask, manually massaged with spatulas to maximise hydration. It helps to smooth out the features and maximise moisturisation. It is based on a faster-acting method, it’s results are more visible and longer lasting. The face feels deeply moisturised, healthy and remodelled in-depth guaranteeing healthy skin.

3D-Rides (luxury Caviar Facial) - 85 minutes | £90.00

Next best thing to Botox
A high performance face and neck, salon treatment inspired by dermatology. To protect, remove creases, remove wrinkles and achieve a more radiant complexion.This premier luxury Anti-wrinkle treatment combines an intensive Collagen and Caviar mask. The results of this treatment are particularly spectacular with skin being visibly younger.
Suitable for all skin types.
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