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Body treatments

Peppermint Lime Signature Body Treatments

De-Stress & Unwind Hot Oil Massage - 40 minutes | £58.00

A warm bed, subtle scents blended with heady notes finished with a massage meticulously designed to treat, de-stress and unwind, back, neck and shoulders, face and scalp.

Total Relax - 55 mins | £66.00

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and drift away with Total Relax, a fusion of Swedish, Aromatherapy, and pressure point techniques. This treatment will alleviate muscular tension, relax the mind and induce a complete sense of wellbeing.
Refresh & Revive Body Polish & Massage - 85 minutes | £95.00
This signature treatment combines and potentiates the benefits of two well established therapies. Firstly an application of a unique blend of organic cane sugar and fair trade essential oils to exfoliate and condition the skin. Secondly a Swedish full body massage to ease tension and relax. The end result; a deep sense of well-being and a radiant, glowing complexion.

Aromatherapy Associates Real Aromatherapy & Body Treatments

Real Aromatherapy Experience - 50 minutes | £58.00 - 80 minutes | £75.00

Leave the world behind you, lie back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and surrender. Float away with this intense ritual drawn from a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques combining neuromuscular, lymphatic and Swedish massage.

Aromatherapy Associates triumph with this signature massage treating the face and body from head to toe with a choice of twelve specialist oils formulated with natural plant and flower oils.

Jet Lag Treatment - 85 minutes | £77.00

The perfect treatment for the weary-eyed traveller. To revive and keep you going we use zesty grapefruit, juniper berry and rosemary or to relax and get you a good night’s sleep, vertivert, sandalwood and camomile.

Long distance travel is both mentally and physically exhausting, this treatment works on both levels to help you quickly recover from the journey and adjust to your new environment, getting you back on track.

A rejuvenating combination of body brushing, stretching and invigorating massage techniques realign the body and assist movement whilst spinal pressures assist the nervous system to reset the body clock by encouraging healthy circulation, digestion and elimination.

Deep Sleep - 115 minutes | £96.00

Designed to treat all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress including insomnia. The treatment begins with a warming foot ritual followed by a head to toe massage using carefully applied pressures, neuromuscular and Swedish techniques with rich, earthy oils to sedate an overactive mind. Experience a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.

Enrich Body Treatment - 85 minutes | £77.00

For dry, lined, flaky, dull, neglected skin. Designed to infuse moisture, condition and nourish tired, abandoned skin, the body is scrubbed before the hands and feet are given a special application of rich Vitamin E oil whilst the body is enveloped in freshwater mud then protected with velvety, moisturising body butter. You skin will radiate health and vitality.

Deep Cleansing Back Therapy - 40 minutes | £48.00

In England our back is mainly concealed enabling us to hide and disguise blemishes or unsightly skin. The back treatment works deeply into the skin to encourage the effective elimination of toxins and balance the production of the skins own natural oils. Orange Flower Water calms inflammation or irritation with lavender and tea tree to promote healthy cells, leaving an anti-bacterial effect on the skin. You will notice an immediate difference with this treatment. Don’t be afraid to reveal your back.
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